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Video Demo


Call Guardian 


Video Demonstration



The Video Demonstration is a brief overview of the Call Guardian program including:


                    Call Monitoring, 

                    Care Planning,



                    Service User details,

                    Staff details




Click on the image below to download the Call Guardian Video Demonstration 







Geraint's Top Tips





Please Note!!! This Page Is Under Construction!! 


Top Tip 1 -  Save button process

A brief description of using the orange tick button (save button), to save any changes.  


Top Tip 2 - Help and Support navigation links

A brief instruction of the Help and Support links that are available to contact Technical Support.  


Top Tip 3 - Service User quick entry 

Briefly describing the method of entering a Service User into the system as quickly as possible.


Top Tip 4 - Search Button details 

Details of the search button that is available throughout the program.  


Top Tip 5 - Rota Filtering details

A brief introduction to the rota filtering function. 


Top Tip 6Editing Mode  

A brief description of the Editing Mode and the consequences while the Editing Mode is active. 


Top Tip 7 - Call Monitoring Alarm change

Instructions on how to change the alarm sound of the call monitoring alert system. 


Top Tip 8 -  Using the Refresh button

A brief description of the importance of using the refresh button.


Top Tip 9 - Adding a Staff photo

Details and instructions of adding a member of Staff's photograph


Top Tip 10 - Monday to Sunday (Call details)

How to a number of calls quickly into the default calls.   



Document Management


Manage documents produced by the main program for service users, staff and agency documents.

Import external documents in any file format all in one location.


Use the App Launcher to open relevant software and components such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Internet Explorer to create and research for new documents.