Call Guardian

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Geraint's Top Tips





Please Note!!! This Page Is Under Construction!! 


Top Tip 1 -  Save button process

A brief description of using the orange tick button (save button), to save any changes.  


Top Tip 2 - Help and Support navigation links

A brief instruction of the Help and Support links that are available to contact Technical Support.  


Top Tip 3 - Service User quick entry 

Briefly describing the method of entering a Service User into the system as quickly as possible.


Top Tip 4 - Search Button details 

Details of the search button that is available throughout the program.  


Top Tip 5 - Rota Filtering details

A brief introduction to the rota filtering function. 


Top Tip 6Editing Mode  

A brief description of the Editing Mode and the consequences while the Editing Mode is active. 


Top Tip 7 - Call Monitoring Alarm change

Instructions on how to change the alarm sound of the call monitoring alert system. 


Top Tip 8 -  Using the Refresh button

A brief description of the importance of using the refresh button.


Top Tip 9 - Adding a Staff photo

Details and instructions of adding a member of Staff's photograph


Top Tip 10 - Monday to Sunday (Call details)

How to a number of calls quickly into the default calls.