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Top Tip 1

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 Top Tip 1 - Save button process



The orange tick button is essentially a save button which can be found in many locations throughout Call Guardian.



For instance when inserting or editing a Service User:

1. When in normal state the save button is not active and is blank.  







2. If the operator has edtited any data on the screen the save button is automatically activated and lights up orange. 




3. If the operator has recognised they have made a mistake in editing the data they can always select the orange lit cross button which is the cancel button. This returns to normal state (step 1).




4. To save the changes simply click on the save button.






 5. After clicking the save button, the save button returns to  normal state and appears unlit. 




This procedure is very important because any unsaved changes will be lost when navigating away from the page. 


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