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Top Tip 4

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Top Tip 4 - Search Button details



On various pages of Call Guardian you will see a magnifying glass button (see image below).




This button is used to search for particular information you

may require, for example a certain Service User or Staff Member. 


Search screen b



1. To begin the search, simply click on the search button 


   Search screen


2. A pop up box appears with a text box and options list to aid your search.


Search screen box





 3. Type in relevant word/s into the text box. E.g. First name, surname, route, date.  


Search screen c 


4. Click the find button to tell the program to search for your results. 


Search screen e


5. The search results should now appear on the screen. 


Search screen d


This function is very useful as it saves the operator time to click through the records individually to find the particular information needed. 



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