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Top Tip 5

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Top Tip 5 - Rota Filtering details




On the Rota Table pages there is a filtering system to find specific information and data from the rota.

The filtering system can find and display various information and data including Routes, Service Users and Carers. 


The rota filtering system is a very useful function where you can locate relevant information that an agency may require. For instance showing the calls only for a certain route or Service User allocation.  




  1. To open the filtering system select the 'Display options' bar. 






2. This opens the filtering system which includes

various search allocation options to help the

operator find the correct information and data

they require. The filtering system also includes

many filters e.g. Service User name, Area, Route,

Call duration. You can choose multiple filter options

to get more accurate results.  




3. After making the filter selection you can close the filtering selection box by selecting the 'display options' button again.



4. With the filtering selection box there is a button that is used to turn the filtering system on or off.


  tip5e  tip5f



5. You can also filter on more specific or particular information by selecting more than one selection in the filtering options box. 


filter 1a  filter 1b



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