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Top Tip 7 - Call Monitoring alarm change



The Call Monitoring system uses an active alert system to alert the operator of any late or missed calls. These alerts are both visual, by using different colours corresponding to the alert status, and audible, by using an alarm sound to alert the operator (see image below).


tip7 cm


The alarm sound is originally set by default but may be quite irritating for the operator. Its possible to change the alarm with another alarm sound which maybe more comfortable for the operator.


1. This can be done in the Settings of the program.




   2. When on the Settings page select the 'System' tab.




3. On the System page you will find the "Choose Alarm Sound" form half way down the page.




 4. Select the open folder button.




5. By selecting the open folder button a window opens and the operator will find many different alarm sounds which can be used on the Call Monitoring system. These sounds can be previewed by simply double-clicking on each sound file.






   6. When the operator decides on a new alarm sound      simply click open on the window and the alarm sound    will be replaced by the newly selected one.




7. The Call Monitoring alarm sound can be changed as regularly as the agency chooses to. There is also a function in the settings where the operator can choose the alarm sound volume and the mute settings.




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