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Top Tip 9

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Top Tip 9 - Adding a Staff photo



In Call Guardian there is a facility where you able to add Staff photographs to the database. These photographs can be used for future reference and also when creating Staff ID cards. 


Here are some helpful tips and guidelines that must be followed when taking and preparing photographs to be used in Call Guardian:


1. Some cameras have a passport setting which follows many of the constraints that Call Guardian require.


2. If your camera doesn't have the passport setting, turning the camera on its side (vertical) when taking the photograph will give you the passport shape.


3. Use the camera's zoom setting to zoom towards the person's head and shoulders, if there is no zoom move closer.


4. The image must be in JPEG (.jpg) format.


5. The image must be in portrait orientation, a landscape orientated image may appear to be distorted. 


6. The image size must be less than 200kb. An image higher than 200kb may effect the performance of the database.


7. If needed use photo editing software to resize and edit the photos.


Below are examples of a good photograph and a bad photograph. 

Geraint                                                       photo

Good Photograph                                            Bad Photograph


On the Staff details page you will see the facility where you can add individual staff photograph into the program.

Staff photo 


     1. Select the member of Staff by using the forwards and backwards buttons or use the Search function.

staff details












 2. Click on the "Photo" button to open the Windows file/folder browser.   

Staff photo1a                                                   



3. Locate the photograph you would like to add to the database and click the 'Open' button.

Staff photo1b













4. Now the selected photograph is opened and saved to the selected Staff member on the database.


Staff photo1c


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